Red Deer

In the ranch the European red deer is hunted on an individual basis; the game warden accompanies the hunter; the selection method is used in the process. Methods of hunting:

  • hunting the "roaring" deer during the mating season;
  • "from the blind" – at the feeding sites and alkali soils;
  • on stealth approaching (including approaching on horses, carriages);
  • at the wintering sites;

Hunting the deer "on stealth approaching":

  • rifled weapons are used with a caliber of at least 30-06;
  • low magnification factor optics are used.

Conducted in the autumn' and winter periods after the leaves have fallen, so that it is possible to visually inspect the forest. It is preferable to conduct this type of hunting at humid weather (it is still better at drizzling rain). At such weather the rain drops and the wet fallen grass under your feet conceal your steps to the animal's hearing.

This type of hunting implies one, maximum two hunters.

Upon arrival the hunter (together with the game warden) depart for the forest, aiming to the animal's habitat. After dismounting, the game warden leads the hunter along the runs (pathways) that lead to the possible animal beds (places where the animal rests and hides at a daytime). The whole route is inspected with a pair of binoculars, as to assist (preact) the discovery of the deer. In this type of hunting the crucial point is to discover an animal before the animal can see you. This is the reason why the traveling through the forest is done without hurry. Upon discovering game, the game warden helps to identify it as a trophy, after which the hunter takes a decision on the shooting.

It is important to wear the clothes corresponding to the weather; the footwear should provide for comfort and for the possibility to constantly stay on the move.

Don't forget to fetch a small pair of binoculars and a back pack with a vacuum flask and sandwiches. The hunting can take until the sunset.

Hunting the "roaring" deer during the mating season:

  • rifled weapons are used with a caliber of at least 30-06;
  • night sight with an infrared amplifier;
  • tripod for the long-distance shooting;
  • a folding chair (stool);
  • a pair of binoculars (preferably providing the night vision feature).

The hunting is performed during the deer's rut period: from September 10 till October 15. The hunting starts in the evening (almost at twilight) and stops in the early hours of the morning (can be prolongated even until the late morning hours).

Before dark, the game warden and the hunter take their stands at the forest edge, on the hilly open territory. After the sunset the male deers come out of the forest to the open hills of a wood cutting area for the mating contests. In this period of time even the most cautious forest beast becomes less watchful being driven by the reproductive instinct. The hunting entails patience and discretion; complete silence should be observed.

To order hunting online or by phone: +38-067-407-5341

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