Wild Boar

Hunting the boar with boarhounds

The boar is hunted with the boarhounds in the following way:

The hunting is performed with the participation of:

  • one to eight hunters
  • three pairs of dogs
  • a dog master – a cynologist game warden
  • game wardens on intercept cars
  • a horse driving a carriage or a sledge
  • the best type of weapon for this kind of hunting is a smooth-bore light rifle
  • only bullets can be used in cartridges;


A couple of dogs are sent to the forest for a free search of boars. They are being followed by the dog master and by the hunter. If there are several hunters in the group, the rest are placed on numbers at the sites of the boars' possible emergence (the numbers are allocated by the ranch's chief game warden). While searching, the dogs work in complete silence. Having found a herd or a solitary boar, they stage an attack and bring the boar to a stop.

The boar stopped by the dogs is the object of prey for the hunter following the dogs. The herd that is fleeing away is the object of prey for the hunters on numbers.

The hunters should observe one basic rule – not to shoot at the boar on which the dogs are tightly "hanging"; one should give dogs a time to work. The boar gradually loses its strength and allows the hunter to approach it closely – even to slaughter it with a knife. The baleful and tightly following hounds will not leave the boar, and you will always hear their working and control the location of the dogs and of the boar. Each dog bears a GARMIN GPS-collar. The computers that show the locations of dogs are distributed in the following manner: the group following the dog master bear one of them, and the group of hunters staying on numbers (or waiting in the intercept car) bears another one.

While shooting, the hunters "on numbers" follow the rules of the "driving" hunting (hunting with dogs/flags).

The hunters following the dog master shoot only upon endorsement and being instructed to do so by the dog master. The boar weighing up to 80 kg can be procured by knife.

The hunting itself lasts for the duration of daylight hours; as many boars can be procured as the dogs are able to discover. In case the dogs process a "sports" strong boar, the hunters "on numbers" take their places in the cars together with the game wardens and start chasing the dogs processing the boar.

All the hunters are provided with the portable radio transmitters ("walkie-talkies") as the means of communication.

We recommend taking your camcorders with you.

To order hunting online or by phone: +38-067-407-5341

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