Hunting wolfs

  • the smooth-bore weapons are used;
  • only buckshot can be used in cartridges.

In January - February (during the rut period) the pairs of wolves at the "Alians" hunting ranch' territory start to search for the free territories for their families and travel great distances vigorously, stopping for bed in the mornings. Every morning, while making their rounds of the forest, the game wardens pay a special attention to the procedure of inspecting the forest roads with the purpose of finding the wolf tracks. In case a wolf track is found, the game wardens trace the wolf's bed, after which they immediately start to set the flags around the forest block where no outbound wolf tracks have been found.

Setting the flags around the block of 1000 m x 500 m takes about two hours. The numbers are placed inside the flags, normally inside dense bush (wolves do not move around the well-visible forest territory even when being chased, so having a rifled weapon will create some additional problems for you (an optic sight will further aggravate the situation); you will simply not have enough time to catch the beast inside your sight and will lose your chance). Take with you the smooth-bore rifles loaded with buckshot and get ready for a quick toss and shot from a distance not greater than 30 meters. In our hunting ranch we practice collective wolf hunting free of charge.

Those who are interested can fill in the registration form of wolf hunting (below) or contact us by the phone number +38-067-407-5341.

In case a wolf is gained, the team is granted one free boar license.


You can fill in and send the proposed form. After that our representative will contact you and discuss with you all the nuances of the prospective wolf hunting.

ATTENTION!!! All the hunters who have filled in our site's wolf hunting registration form are immediately invited for hunting. When the phone call from the ranch is received, all the hunters that are ready to arrive must confirm their arrival by a telephone call; en route they must call us several more times as to orientate our hunting ranch concerning the time of their arrival. This is due to the fact that, as a rule, everybody arrives not later than 2:00 p.m., to allow at least 2 hours before the sunset. It is very important to exercise responsibility and respect towards other hunting mates and to be punctual. The main slogan here is: "For one that is missing there's no spoiling a wedding"; to participate, one should arrive not later than the appointed time. One should wear warm clothes; this is necessary since one often needs to stand on his/her number motionless, sometimes until darkness falls.

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Happy hunting!

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